Steion Vision Inc Launched A New Codec Chip SC2M50

Release Date: 2017-12-22 20:04:23

Steion Vision Inc., a leading provider of advanced visual imaging applications, has introduced the new codec chip, the SC2M50, that supports the HEVC / H.265 image format for 4K high-quality professional video (ProAV) application requirements. This section supports 4Kp60 format compact, ultra-low power high-performance HEVC video codec chip for high-quality 4K audio and video streaming applications set a new technical standards.

Socionext has released the world’s first HEVC image coding chip-MB86M31 with 4Kp60 4: 2: 2 format and introduced HEVC / H.264 / MPEG-2 multi-format developed for high-end broadcast television equipment by the end of 2016 Coding, decoding, transcoding single-chip-MB86M30, the continuation of the two highly integrated single-chip development experience and the ultimate quality requirements, the professional audio and video applications for the market, launched a miniature low-power HEVC / H .265 image format codec chip "SC2M50" (code M50).You can also buy it from electronic component distributors.

The SC2M50 delivers high-quality 4Kp60 format HEVC codecs into an extremely compact 25mm x 25mm package with a power consumption of only 3.5 watts. The design concept for audio and video equipment manufacturers to very low system power consumption, to achieve 4Kp60 format HEVC codec of various fixed-point and mobile audio and video applications. SC2M50 and support YUV 4: 2: 2 10bit sampling and coding format, with excellent color also evolves the ability for professional audio and video applications to provide a perfect solution.

SC2M50 features and advantages:

Support 4Kp60 format HEVC image encoding and decoding

Support 4: 2: 2 / 10bit sampling (sampling)

Support sound encoding and decoding

Support for multiplexing (Mux) and solution work (Demux) function

PCIe, video input and output interface, I2S interface, TS interface

3.5 watts of ultra low power consumption

SC2M50 chip samples are now available for sale.